Info of Cookie Wedding Favors

Today, sugary delights are an affordable option for wedding favors. Cookies allow for unique variations on traditional wedding favor preferences. A wide range of basic cookie recipes, combined with frosting options and inscriptions, can make cookies an exciting choice for a wedding favor.

Modern brides take great pride in putting a lot of thought into the choice of wedding favors, seeking to reflect her personality and a sentiment from the couple. The versatility of cookies, allows for this treat to duplicate roles serviced by other traditional wedding favors. Decorated cookies with the guest’s name written with piped icing, can serve the same purpose of wedding placecards that help guests seat themselves at reception tables. Unique edible centerpieces are designed by baking cookie dough on lollipop sticks. Heart or flower shaped cookie pops are decorated with frosting and sprinkles before being arrayed into delightful and original arrangements, by driving the stick into a block of florist’s foam or a decorated cake. Rose cookie bouquets are easily tinted to blend with the table d├ęcor. Wedding favor boxes intended to hold additional delights, can be created from gingerbread and appropriately decorated.

Gourmet cookie assortments are available in small gift boxes as a replacement for grocery store boxed cookies. Distinctive cookies can be bought in bulk and wrapped in specially selected wedding favor boxes. Popular bulk cookies include Danish shortbread, fortune cookies and Mexican wedding cookies. Fortune cookies, like other cookies can be decorated with frosting and sprinkles. If the couple wishes to personalize the fortunes in the cookie, there are companies who provide this service.

Custom cookies can be ordered from any local bakery or a baker featured online. Typically, custom cookies are shaped and frosted sugar cookies. The designs include traditional wedding themes of wedding cakes, wedding bells, bride and grooms, wedding dresses and floral bouquets. Cookies can feature a simple frosting or include delicate icing details. Cookies can be ordered to feature monograms or short messages. The more intricate or lavish the details, the more it will effect the final cost of the cookie. The average price of a gourmet cookie is around $5 each. Brides can easily provide this wedding favor for less expense, by taking time to make these favorite home baked creations.

Technological advances have created the means to transfer photos onto baked goods. Couples can elect to have their pictures added to basic shortbread cookies in the shapes of hearts, circles, squares and triangles for about $25 a dozen. Most bakeries have the means to make these creations, as the edible ink works on most ink jet printers and is applied to sheets of frosting. The bakery does use a dedicated printer that is free of any previous printing inks, so it’s recommended for a bride not to try this on her home system.

Find Wedding Flowers


Dahlia – a late summer and fall bloom known for its wide variety of colors. Very affordable and they work great in centerpieces and bouquets.

Asclepia Beatix – very tiny flowers that throw a lot of punch! A 1″ hybrid flower that works well in low arrangements.

Tulip – there are several tulip variants and plenty of color variety. Very affordable and they work great in centerpieces and bouquets.

Ranuculus – a beautiful spring flower but prone to drooping in hot weather. It looks terrific mixed with other flowers.

Chinese Lantern – is known to have 10-15 flowers on a stock so it is excellent for a focal point in centerpieces.

Sandersonia – these little bell shaped flowers work great in boutonnieres, corsages, and in flower girls baskets.

Poppy – Big, beautiful, and very affordable when purchased in its in season, spring. They are definitely an eye catcher!

Black Eyed Susans – The perfect country flower for a country wedding,

Sunflower – blooms from late summer to fall and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Very popular planted in pots.

Snapdragon – a very graceful and elegant flower that works well with simple bouquets and centerpieces. Reasonably priced, blooming in late summer.


Flannel Flower – produces spiky star shaped blossoms that are long lasting. Perfect for both bouquets and arrangements.

Chamomile – is a common wild flower that blooms late summer. Very refreshing and great for wreaths, centerpieces, and bouquets.

Stephanotis – this year round flower is affordable and perfect for bouquets and boutonnieres.

Narcissus – blooms late winter early spring. Its fragrant blooms are great for centerpieces.

Cosmos – blooms in spring and summer. Not so impressive on its own but very glamorous when mixed with other flowers.

Snowberry – blooms late fall through December. Produces small pale fruit that works well in winter bouquets.

Dogwood – blooms in spring producing large flowers. Very nice in both bouquets and centerpieces.

Iris – many colors and varieties are available. There are iris choices for all four seasons. Very affordable with large blooms making it perfect for large arrangements.

Miniature Calla Lily – works very well in bouquets and centerpieces. There is a warning attached to this flower – it is poisonous to dogs.


Veronica – these tiny spiked flowers add grace and elegance to bouquets and centerpieces. They mix well with round flowers.

Clematis – this vine blooms during summer months and is available in many colors and species varieties. It weaves nicely into wreaths,

Celosia – blooms spring through fall producing velvety flowers. Perfect way to add texture to bouquets and centerpieces.

Hyacinth – this fragrant flower works well on its own or in arrangements.

Anemone – blooms September through March producing a variety of bright colors. Perfect for adding some color and cheer to this drabber season.

Frittilaria – these checkered flowers are perfect for small arrangements and bouquets.

Scabiosa – blooms spring through summer producing ruffled flowers. It makes a wonderful addition to bouquets and centerpieces.

Gomphrena – has a thistle type bloom and is very hardy. It won’t wilt so is perfect for bouquets, boutonnieres, and arrangements. Dries nicely too.

Cornflower – adds a nice fresh touch to bouquets and centerpieces.

Allium – these tiny petal flowers will add glamour. They smell like onions so they work best around food areas.


Sand Catchfly – looks like miniature hot air balloons. It adds flare and depth to bouquets and centerpieces.

Spider Chrysanthemum – blooms year round so very affordable. Its spidery petal flowers add charm and excitement to bouquets and arrangements.

Benzelia Lanuginosa – Imported from New Zealand so can be a bit pricey. A wonderful exotic addition to all arrangements.

Nigella Pod – available late summer to early fall adding a sculptured accent to centerpieces.

Seeded Eucalyptus – very versatile adding texture to a centerpiece. It can easily be sprayed with metallic spray paint and it dries nicely.

Lady’s Slipper – very expensive but ever so exotic. Perfect for a corsage or bouquet. To pricey for table arrangements.

Solomon’s Seal – the bell shaped flowers work well in casual bouquet and centerpieces. It works well with lilies.

Fern – work well for fillers on bouquets and centerpieces. It presses nicely so also can be used for accenting menus or cards.

Must know about Backyard Honeymoons

For super cheap honeymoons try looking in your own backyard. I don’t mean “literally” your backyard, but I would be willing to bet that not far from you, there is a perfect little honeymoon getaway.

* If you are from a small town, go to the city. Enjoy the hospitality of an upscale hotel for a couple of nights. Be pampered!

* If you are from the city, get away from it all to a secluded little bed and breakfast inn on a lake somewhere.

Having traveled Canada and the United States all my life, I can tell you that the entire coastline of our North American continent is wondrous. Whether you are in Alaska, Maine, British Columbia, California or Florida, the beaches are breathtaking. Each has it’s own special qualities that make it unique and beautiful.

You may be the type that enjoy polar bears, harp seals and whale watching in Alaska. Perhaps you are the outdoors type. Check out the lazy sea lions and try salmon fishing in British Columbia. While you are there, turn around and look at the mountains! They are amazing! Here in Georgia, you can watch and actually feed the dolphins that frolic in the ocean with you as you swim. If you are lucky, they will let you touch them.

A “beach” doesn’t necessarily have to be on the ocean. There are some fabulous lakes that offer spectacular views – The Great Lakes for example.

If you can’t get near water, choose a hotel with a great pool.

The point is, depending on your personal style, there is a “beach” for everyone!

Too often we are so busy looking for something better that we miss the obvious beauty right under our noses.

Choose that spot within driving distance from you and go for it! Remember, cheap honeymoons are where you find them. They don’t have to cost thousands of dollars to be intimate and romantic.

Wedding Traditions

The Wedding Day:

The colors have been chosen, the shoes and gown have been fitted, the music is ready and the photographer is booked. Is it any wonder that the bride and groom are longing for the honeymoon when they finally arrive at the big day. Traditionally, on the day everyone will want to look their very best. Remember those wonderful wedding photo’s are forever. According to tradition, it is considered bad luck for the bride to be seen by the groom before the ceremony. In the ancient marriage tradition the couple rarely saw each other at all. As a matter of fact, the courtship or engagement period is a very modern custom.

The Honeymoon:

In ancient times, many of the first marriages were by capture not by choice. When early man felt it was time to take a bride, he would often carry off an unwilling female to a secret place where her relatives wouldn’t find them. While the moon went through all its phases (about 30 days)they hid from the searchers and consumed a brew made from honey. Hence, we get the word, honeymoon. So whether the honeymoon is in a beautiful, exotic beach destination or a more cosy location close to home, the honeymoon is the time to enjoy private time. The memories of these priceless days when you have each others complete attention are not to be underestimated.