Must know about Backyard Honeymoons

For super cheap honeymoons try looking in your own backyard. I don’t mean “literally” your backyard, but I would be willing to bet that not far from you, there is a perfect little honeymoon getaway.

* If you are from a small town, go to the city. Enjoy the hospitality of an upscale hotel for a couple of nights. Be pampered!

* If you are from the city, get away from it all to a secluded little bed and breakfast inn on a lake somewhere.

Having traveled Canada and the United States all my life, I can tell you that the entire coastline of our North American continent is wondrous. Whether you are in Alaska, Maine, British Columbia, California or Florida, the beaches are breathtaking. Each has it’s own special qualities that make it unique and beautiful.

You may be the type that enjoy polar bears, harp seals and whale watching in Alaska. Perhaps you are the outdoors type. Check out the lazy sea lions and try salmon fishing in British Columbia. While you are there, turn around and look at the mountains! They are amazing! Here in Georgia, you can watch and actually feed the dolphins that frolic in the ocean with you as you swim. If you are lucky, they will let you touch them.

A “beach” doesn’t necessarily have to be on the ocean. There are some fabulous lakes that offer spectacular views – The Great Lakes for example.

If you can’t get near water, choose a hotel with a great pool.

The point is, depending on your personal style, there is a “beach” for everyone!

Too often we are so busy looking for something better that we miss the obvious beauty right under our noses.

Choose that spot within driving distance from you and go for it! Remember, cheap honeymoons are where you find them. They don’t have to cost thousands of dollars to be intimate and romantic.

Wedding Traditions

The Wedding Day:

The colors have been chosen, the shoes and gown have been fitted, the music is ready and the photographer is booked. Is it any wonder that the bride and groom are longing for the honeymoon when they finally arrive at the big day. Traditionally, on the day everyone will want to look their very best. Remember those wonderful wedding photo’s are forever. According to tradition, it is considered bad luck for the bride to be seen by the groom before the ceremony. In the ancient marriage tradition the couple rarely saw each other at all. As a matter of fact, the courtship or engagement period is a very modern custom.

The Honeymoon:

In ancient times, many of the first marriages were by capture not by choice. When early man felt it was time to take a bride, he would often carry off an unwilling female to a secret place where her relatives wouldn’t find them. While the moon went through all its phases (about 30 days)they hid from the searchers and consumed a brew made from honey. Hence, we get the word, honeymoon. So whether the honeymoon is in a beautiful, exotic beach destination or a more cosy location close to home, the honeymoon is the time to enjoy private time. The memories of these priceless days when you have each others complete attention are not to be underestimated.

Making Budget For Wedding

Start out with an idea of what you have to spend. Keep in mind that you will have other expenses starting out on a new life together, and come to a mutual agreement of what kind of wedding to have. Then list the elements that your wedding will include, and decide that if it comes to a crunch, what items will take precedence over others.

Things to consider when making a budget for your wedding, may include but are not limited to:

·	Honorarium for church, or fee for other location of the ceremony

·	Fees for reception hall

·	Bridal dress

·	Groom's tuxedo 

·	Flowers

·	Wedding cake

·	Catering

·	Invitations

·	Thank You notes

·	Postage

·	Photographer

·	Gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen

·	Number of guests

Remember that while tradition used to hold that a bride’s parents sponsored the reception, and the groom’s parents the rehearsal dinner, many couples now choose to pay the majority of expenses themselves.

Settling on a ballpark number of guests will help you determine what size hall is needed for the reception, and how many there will be for the dinner. You can cut costs on a formal wedding by renting the groom a morning suit instead of buying one. Flowers for the church and reception can be rented silk arrangements that will also save you money.

Your wedding should be special, and everything you dreamed of. Making a budget will help you achieve that dream, while eliminating the stress of worrying over costs.


Organizing Wedding Menu

Decide what time you are going to have your meal at. This will tie to the time of your wedding to some degree. If you are getting married in the morning are you having lunch, brunch, or a mid afternoon meal. Afternoon wedding, are you having a super time meal, a later evening meal.

Are you going to rent your dishes? Borrow from family? Use disposable plates? Same goes for glassware and flatware. If you are having a smaller wedding you can often get good pricing on sets at discount department stores.

If you are purchasing your dishes, what is your theme? Color? Style?

What type of glasses are you going to use? Wine glasses for certain, what about coffee cups, water glasses. Again either borrow or visit a discount department store.

I recommend renting your dishes, flatware, and glasses from a catering company. The prices is usually very nominal. Everything matches, they deliver the clean dishes, after your meal you simply put the dirty dishes in the containers supplied, they pick them up and take care of cleaning them.

If you supply your own dishes, then somebody has to be prepared to do clean up. Renting dishes is simple, affordable, and lets your guests focus on enjoying your wedding.

You will also need to decide what the theme for your tables will be, what type of flowers you will use and whether you will get locally grown flowers or purchase from a florist. If you choose flowers in season in your local area you can make beautiful flower arrangements for a fraction of the cost.

What about your tables and chairs? Does the hall or facility you’ve rented provide them? If yes what do the charge. If they do not then you’ll need to contact someone who does rent these items. If your wedding reception is small you may be able to borrow enough chairs and tables to accommodate your guests.

Tablecloths and table coverings – you’ll need to decide color and style. As well you’ll have to decide what type of decorating your going to do. Your decorating and colors will have a lot to do with your general wedding theme. Fun, romantic, tropical?

The quickest way to get organized is to grab some paper and a pencil. Draw a rough diagram of the room layout, then begin sketching in your tables, how you will seat people, where you want your flowers and decorations. Once you’ve have a visual the rest will fall into place.

As some friends to give you a hand with decorating. Most halls will let you into the day before to complete your decorating and set up. In fact, before you rent the hall make this a pre-requisite.

Buying Unique Wedding Gift


A very unique wedding gift, artwork is something for the couple’s new home together but can also be very personal. This is an option that should be seriously considered before being purchased, because art is very subjective. Something that you love could be something they hate. This is also the type of gift that you need to be prepared to spend some money on. An oil painting from the local gallery blowout for ten bucks is not going to cut it. Artwork as a wedding gift should be an artist’s original and that will cost a few hundred dollars at the very least. If the couple has a favorite classical artist, however, a lower cost option could be a framed print of one of that artist’s works.

Gift Certificates

A gift certificate can be a very thoughtful and unique wedding gift, as long as what the certificate is for is something thoughtful and unique. You don’t want a simple department store gift certificate here. Find a gift that can be something tailored to suit the personalities of the couple. Are they the active, outdoors type? Try a gift certificate good for a camping trip in a national park. Maybe they are extreme sports freaks? If so a gift certificate for skydiving lessons or parasailing may be the perfect thing.

These are just a couple of examples of the special and unique wedding gifts you can come up with if you just put your mind to it. With a little bit of creativity and thoughtfulness, you can give a wedding gift that will stand out from all the others and put all the blender buyers and gravy boat givers to shame.

Prenuptial Agreements

In this day and age, owning a small business is not all that unusual. But the work behind it is just as hard now as it was in the past. And there are also more single people out there especially older people who have had longer to build up assets. There is also an increased amount of people out there who are looking for the quick buck and that, coupled with the higher divorce rate and ease of divorce, can make for a costly marriage.

The best thing that a man, or woman, who has built themselves a successful business prior to meeting the right person can do is have their future spouse sign a prenuptial agreement. These agreements protect the owner of the business against gold diggers and anyone who is confident that their marriage will survive should have no problem signing one. On the other hand, if the person you are about to marry happens to be after you for your money as you so much feared, then they will likely refuse to sign and this will let you know that this “right” person is not so right after all.

Now, imagine, working so many years making a name for yourself and putting aside money for your retirement and then meeting the woman of your dreams. You are swept off your feet and rush off and get married to a woman that you are so deeply in love with. Your marriage is so perfect and you couldn’t ask for anything more. Then several years down the road, she hits you with the request of a divorce. It seems to come out of absolutely nowhere and you are completely heartbroken. You go to court and end up having to fight for the one thing that you have worked hard at. You end up losing half of your money and your business to the woman whom you thought loved you. And she is laughing all the way to the bank. This was in her plan all along. Sacrificing a few years of her life meant nothing to get all that money.

This doesn’t have to happen to you. You can do prenuptial agreements several ways, so consulting an attorney and getting it done the way that is right for you is important. Some prenuptials will allow the spouse to acquire some of the assets earned during the marriage years while others will leave all the assets to the business completely off limits. Make sure that you do your research so that the prenuptial agreement is done properly.

Guide to Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the first place your guests will actually get a sense of the wedding you’ve planned. Whether your budget allows for custom made invitations ranging from sophisticated to artistic or do-it-yourself creations, there are plenty of options to provide memorable wedding invitations.

An exquisite array of invitations is available for those planning a formal or traditional wedding. Before you begin visually scanning all the possibilities, familiarize yourself with the language of printers and invitation designers. Understanding the various folds, tri-fold, z-fold, and French-fold, as well as terms such as embossing, thermography, deckle edge and die-cutting can save you time and money.

For the adventurous, a variety of unique wedding invitations can be explored from the homespun feel of a custom portrait boxed with rose petals to CD/DVD presentations for the tech-savvy couple.
Once you’ve selected the design for your wedding invitations, you’ll want to find creative wording to convey the sentiment of your relationship and wedding. Examining wedding invitation etiquette is a good place to begin for the appropriate wording of your invitations.

Regardless of whether your wedding invitations are traditional or casual, you will want to include an RSVP/response card, and a reception card. Other options are also available to include in the mailing as a way to give your guests all the information needed to join in your special celebration.

Make Wedding Photographs More Beautiful

Paired photos:

You can also have pictures that can be paired and reserved in a diptych form that shows the continuity of the actions and looks better than the normal posing picture of the couples. Wedding is all about the moments that are in motion and constantly changing and this way the diptych form calls out for the attention of others too. Having some different ideas and styles in your wedding photographs will make them beautiful.

Stolen moments:

The defined moments and the moments that are pre planned can be seen all the time in the wedding photography but the real fun is to be captured unknowingly. Basically the photographer has to be attentive for these shots, the moments that show the affection of the couple for each other and are being captured without the knowledge of the couple. These are the clicks which proves that stealing is not always bad after all.

The right light:

Light is one of the major component of the photographs and more precisely in this case the wedding photographs. If they used properly and wisely they can make perfect of the pictures but if not then they can spoil the whole wedding photo shoot. Proper lighting can bring reflection and bokeh look also that will make your wedding photographs stunning and the ones that will take all the praises in one go and makes them one of a kind.

Twisting the shadows:

The silhouettes look like the shadows and often create a romantic outlook of the photograph but shadows are also not the dull looking element in the photographs. Only thing that is required is to mold the shadows in an artistic way and it will make the pictures a brilliant art piece unlike the usual wedding photographs. It brings in the attractive element and will look even better if the mirror effect can be involved too.

Random clicks during live actions:

Indian weddings are full of rituals that have to be performed and in between many moments of fun and enjoyment takes place. These moments make the best of memories that can be treasured in the wedding album. These photographs have their own stories that connects to the emotions and their strings are attached to the hearts. The random pictures look one of kind and the stories and the moments make them personalised to the respective couple and their moments.

Laugh with your partner:

In the wedding photographs the chemistry between the couple is a must but the laughter shows their bond and how much they make each other happy. The laughter can not be faked and still have that genuine aspect in it, so it is better to make them laugh in real and capture that moment. The laughter shows the comfortability between the couples and makes the pictures bright with that relation of theirs.

Nature involvement:

There is one more element that will never let you fail in the process of getting amazing wedding photographs and that is the nature itself. The nature is truly the mother of humankind and will never disappoint them. The best of the photographs can be taken in the greens or around the blues, which provides the calmness and peace to the pictures and makes them stunning in their own serene way.

In between the shots:

The getting prepared part is always fun to capture. The wedding photographs should not only show the good pictures that are captured but also the in between scenes that show the confusion and chaos. No matter what the problem was once it was handled skillfully. Similarly it will always make you laugh while looking at your chaotic situations and the in between shots when you were thinking of the next photograph and got captured beautifully because the beauty is not always about the smiles.

Cope with a Critical Spouse

1. Try to listen without getting defensive. Hear your spouse out and let him (or her) say what’s on his mind. It will only make things worse to become defensive and cut your spouse off prematurely. You want your spouse to feel “heard.”

2. Even though you may be thinking “Here we go again–same old gripes,” keep an open mind to the possibility that there may be a different twist this time. Fox example, perhaps a certain gesture, tone of voice, or oversight you weren’t aware of at the time has intensified your spouse’s critical reaction.

3. Recognize that your spouse’s perceptions are different from yours. And you can’t argue with a spouse’s perceptions or tell her that she’s “wrong” to feel that way. Launching a direct attack to convince her that she’s off-base will almost always fail.

4. Resist the urge to counter criticism with criticism in return. That will only add fuel to the fire and ensure that negative feelings will escalate.

5. Consider whether your spouse is making any valid points that you need to look at. It’s all-too-easy to get upset and decide that the criticism is off-base and miss the part of the criticism that may be valid.

6. Work on not taking the criticism so personally. This can be difficult because it feels so personal–after all, it’s directed at you.

But it’s not always just about you. Your spouse may really be irritated at herself but instead take her feelings out on you by throwing barbs of criticism in your direction.

7. Realize that just because your spouse criticizes you doesn’t mean you have to let that determine your mood or spoil your day. Don’t give your personal power away so easily.

You get to decide what to focus on, and you are responsible for how you feel. Your spouse can’t “make you feel bad” without your consent.

8. Schedule a time to talk with your spouse about your reactions to the constant criticisms. Tell him (or her) that frequent criticism doesn’t make you want to try harder.

Instead, it produces feelings of discouragement and negativity. State that over time, it could also negatively affect your passion and sexual relationship.

9. Write your spouse a letter outlining your concerns about the damage that constant criticism could do to your feelings of love and emotional intimacy. Use the “sandwich technique.” Start off the letter by expressing what you like and appreciate about your spouse.

Then state your concerns about the long-term effects that frequent criticism could have on your feelings toward your spouse and the marriage. Last, end by making more positive remarks and sharing how much you love your spouse and value your relationship.

10. Ask your spouse to go to marriage counseling with you. Say that you need to take care of some emotional debris that is accumulating for you in the marriage.

Autumn Wedding Maple

STEP 1 – Find your leaf

The first thing you need to do is find a suitable digital outline of a maple leaf, or any other leaf you wish to use. You can use Link 1 at the bottom of this article as a template, or find your own by searching the internet.

STEP 2 – Find an Autumn foliage digital image

STEP 3 – Merge images

Using a photo editing program, you are going to merge the outline of the leaf and your autumn foliage picture (any in the Adobe® PhotoShop® family should work) & insert it to a MS Word Document.

If you are using the leaf template we provided, you can skip steps 1 – 7

1. Open the image of the leaf you found in the photo program (for purposes of this article, we are going to assume the image is either a gif or jpg)

2. Using the Square Marquee Tool, select the entire image

3. From the menu, select Edit then Copy

4. From the menu, select File then New (on this screen, specify your new image to be approximately 15 x 12 inches in size)

5. Once the new image file is open, from the file menu, select Edit then Paste

6. Save the image as ‘template.psd’

7. You will want to remove the inside area of the leaf, to do this, use your Magic Wand Tool, click on the inside of the leaf, and then hit delete on your keyboard (this will only work if your leaf is a solid color).

8. Repeat steps 1-3 with your Autumn foliage picture

9. Paste the autumn image into the template.psd image
For the next step you are going to need to make sure your layers window is open. You can do this by going to the main menu, select Window then Layers. A window should appear on your screen that has 3 layers, your background, the leaf and the autumn foliage. By default this window may already be open, if the Layers option under Window is checked off, that means it’s already open.

10. The leaf layer should be above the autumn foliage layer, to move the leaf layer, place your curser over the leaf layer, left click and simply drag and drop the leaf layer above the autumn foliage layer.

11. To adjust the size and dimensions of the leaf, go to the main menu, select Edit then Transform then Scale. You should then be able to change the dimensions of the leaf layer. When you are done, to keep the changes click on any of the actions in your Tools Window. When asked if you want to keep your changes click yes.

12. You can move the autumn foliage image around the same way [as step 10] to fit it inside the leaf image.

We are now going to remove any part of the autumn foliage that is outside of the leaf outline.

13. While active on the leaf layer, use your Magic Wand Tool to select the inside of the leaf.

14. Go to your main menu, select Select then Inverse.

15. Make sure you switch back to the autumn foliage layer.

16. Hit delete – all portions of the autumn foliage picture that were outside the outline of the leaf should now be gone.

17. You don’t want the image of the autumn foliage to over power your menu text, so you are going to lower the Opacity of the image. You can adjust this until you find a level you like. To change the opacity make sure you are active on the autumn foliage layer, in your Layers window, in the upper right hand corner look for the word Opacity, we suggest a level around 25 to 30{d07cbf7fe811f9ac71b5afcdd9556dfe8dd1d46553bdee3ae9e2d87223e47a4f}.

18. Save your image again as template.psd.

19. Save the image using the ‘Save for Web’ feature. Save the image as template.gif or jpg.

20. Open MS Word

21. From the main menu select Format then Background then Fill Effects. Click on the Picture tab, select Select Picture (browse to where you saved template.gif). Hit OK to return to the main window.

22. Type in your Menu, centering the copy. If the copy is not centered directly in the middle of the leaf, change the image, not the copy. Go back to your photo editing program and use your Move Tool to move the leaf and autumn foliage up/down and left/right. Repeat steps 18 – 21 until your background image is centered properly in the Word document.

Helpful Hints:

You can switch back and forth between layers by simply clicking on the layer you wish to edit. You cannot edit any layer that you are not actively on.

The Tool Bar should automatically be open on the left hand side of your screen. It contains 2 columns and multiple rows of icons. If it is not showing, go to the main menu, select Window then Tools.

The Square Marquee Tool is the first icon in the Tool Bar in the left hand column

The Magic Wand Tool is the icon in the Tool bar second down in the right hand column

The Move Tool is the icon in the first icon in the Tool Bar in the right hand column.

You can name your newly created layers by double clicking on the word ‘Layer 1’

STEP 4 – Print!

If your background is not printing, check your print options to make sure the ‘Print Background Images’ box is checked.

STEP 5 – Cut your menus out